Monday, November 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #4 Boa

The Crocodile Park was one of the many places that JK and I didn't miss visiting while in Davao last month.

This so fabulously colored specie on the picture is sure no croc but it is peacefully dwelling in exactly the same place along with other different critters at the park... birds, sea and jungle creatures to name a few.

The specie is called "Yellow Boa or "Albino Ball Python.

You think you can make a pet out of this so lovely-looking crawler?



Renegades said...

Eww snakes freak me out, even yellow ones.

Mel Cole said...

Yay! Snake! Smooth and milky yellow.

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kim said...

whooahh! it looks really PRETTY, but i won't take it as a pet, lol!