GT: black, they are!

9:37 AM

First off, I'd like to agree to our host... I think no one in this world who doesn't own a piece or a pair of something black in his life.

When I was in college, I was once asked why do I love the color black. And my not so stupid answer was; "because I see clarity in black". Actually that answer still makes me wonder until now. Do I even make sense at all? LOL!

But seriously, I define black as elegant. Not to mention how black clothing do tricks with plus size figures and spare them a little from insecurities, embarrassment or however they may call it. Trust me, I have tried it myself... not because I am a plus size but because I wanted to sport my shape and make it more noticeable, hahaha, illusionada! But that was before.

Oh well anyway, I been talking about clothes when all I really have to feature for this week's theme are these two... soon-to-be in my possession gadgets. I hope this one works. Again, they're not in my hands yet but they're sure mine. Instead of shipping, JK preferred to carry both along since he is coming anyway... and that is real SOON.

Acer 8X DVD-RW External USB 2.0 Optical Drive - Read/Write
Western Digital 1TB Elements USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive
JK and I shopped both from Walmart online.

I only needed a little extra (maybe like 320 GB) for a hard drive but I was given 1TB. Imagine that! With this, I'm pretty sure I won't be in need of it again for a very long time. I just can't wait to empty a partition of my internal hard drive as soon as it comes in and make my computer move in a snap!

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