soon to walk down the aile

1:45 AM

On Saturday (19th) is the day. My cousin will finally take her long time girlfriend down the aisle to officially ask the big man upstairs to bless their life together as husband and wife.

I believe it'll just be a solemn celebration to be participated only by families and close friends from both sides. The ceremony will begin at 10 in the morning and a grand lunch will follow right after.

I'm pretty sure the rest of merrymaking will comprise of the usual bottomless drinking and non-stop feasting.

By the way, speaking of getting married, I wonder how my younger brother feels about it. I notice almost all of my male cousins of our age already have families of their own. He's only 31 though and never really seen him into any serious commitment yet. Perhaps, there's still something he wants to prove to his self. Right now, he's so focus on how to become an expert in the kind of job he's in to. What is important is he is enjoying his time and I believe the right time will come for him sooner or later.

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