life goes on

10:20 AM

After all the fun and merriment, I quietly feel sorry for my aunt when we left her house yesterday morning. I'm sure she'll be in need of Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner to get rid of all kinds of mess and dust we along with bunch of other people (family and friends) brought to her house during her son's wedding day last Saturday.

But on the lighter side, I know she's happier now that the big day is finally over. She can start living the normal life again minus the stress the wedding preparations has caused her for the last couple of weeks. I am as well happy and proud of her to have successfully fulfilled one of her son's biggest dreams despite the absence of her better half who have been in God's loving hands for five years already. I'm sure my uncle is too seeing his family is still embracing the good and blissful life even without him.

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