back from hibernation

12:23 AM

So now, I'm making it official. After a month of contemplating, I have finally decided to stay and continue what I've already started here. The thought of closing this blog out came across my mind after I have imported pretty much all of its contents to another platform along with a new domain. I left confused on what to do after the entire process and next thing I knew was giving my self a break… not for days but weeks.

For some reasons, I really can't find it in my heart to let go of this blog. Someone would be hurting if I did. I would have been too, as well… simply because the effort that I've spent to keep this page going for two years was heart-filled.

I’m not sure how often will I be able to add entries this time around. Everyday would be extremely great but once or twice in a week ain’t that bad either.

My next stop’s gonna be layout hunting. Goodluck to me!

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