Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 Valentine years and counting

Who's my Valentine date for 2010?

I had him in Valentine 2008, 2009 and still having him this year. He's none other than my virtual date of all time - my every day escort, my generous Santa on Christmas and my forever loving Valentine, JK! Yes we have all these special occasions celebrated virtually yet so passionately together each year.

He's not perfect but he's definitely a man so full of love and honor.

Now, that last line is to quickly roundup the last week's theme [describe your one true love] that I miss talking about here in Girls Talk.

Head on over at GT's page for more romantic stories this month of love.


LingLing said...

Celebrating virtually can be super nice too and i know what i am talking about since i did that too <3 have a happy V'day! Much love :)

JK said...

Hi my love, I think of you all the time, everyday and every night, you are on my mind, What is she wearing, what is she doing, is she ok, did she eat today, is she thinking of me right now, does she know how much I love her, wow im so lucky she is so beautiful, she is so sweet, and many many more thoughts run through my head...