cough, headache, fever and flu.... get away from me!

4:51 PM

Whew!!! This week has been so overwhelming so far. It started with the desire to look for a job. I did and successfully reserved interviews with two companies. I was all set to go when Paypal all of a sudden made an issue with my withdrawal transaction prior to my interview schedules. How on earth am I supposed to get myself to the city without the money I need. Grrr!!!

But not only that... I was as well attacked with flu. Actually, I got no symptoms at all. I just woke one morning (a day before I'm supposed to go to my interviews) with a broken voice. Then as the day went on, my throats starts to get itchy, I started barking, had the headache and slight fever. Then I pondered... are all these instances telling me of something?

But not till the next day came. Early in the morning I got a text message from one of the companies reminding me of the interview. In as much as I want to inform them my situation, I tried to call back but failed to get in. Shortly, one of their staffs dialed my cell phone number and from there I explained why I can't make it. Good thing they understand and reconsidered my schedule for exams and interview next week. Right now I'm still sick ... hope I'd be better by then.

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