happy birthday, JD!

9:13 AM

This photo was taken when they last visited the Keystone Park last year. I wasn't there of course but JK never fails to share pictures of their family weekend activities with me.

Anyway, this is his son JD. How time flies so quick. He's turning 17 today (28th: PA date and time). We seldom talk but we do see each other online pretty much everyday. I like him and think he's sweet especially when he says: "Hi, its JD... Dad's on the phone and says he loves you or Hi, he's in the shower... he'll be down in a few." Favors like these from him really make my heart melt.

But the sweetest I can remember of him was when he picked these lovely flowers from their yard last year and (virtually) gave it for me. I always do cherish simple gestures like this. It may mean nothing for him but to me it is something.

JD, one more year and you will be embracing the world of adulthood. I wish you nothing but all the best especially good health. Happy, happy birthday to you!

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