summer recap

10:30 AM

This year's summer vacation has been the most terrific I have ever celebrated for the last 5 years... primarily because we, my family and I were finally together again after quite a long time. There were no pre planned outdoor activities like most families normally does during summer but I saw how my little princesses still enjoyed the season to its fullest. Of course our days wouldn't be as blissful without them. Though they can be so overwhelming sometimes but to have them all is still what counts at the end of the day.

One night while they were preparing their way to bed, I caught them both mimicking Cinderella and her step sister Drizella (if I spelled it right) of the movie Cinderalla - the classic Disney Cartoon movie that they sooooo much love to watch over and over and over... day in and day out, LOL! Kate (with short hair) plays the innocent Cinderella while Naureen plays the bad, crappy step sister of hers. I just found it so cute for them saying some of the movie's punchline and singing some of their themes.

Drizella's beautiful version... singing "I DO"

where's Anastasha?

"Good morning your Majesty!" was what she said in a modified tone when I took this picture. LOL!

They just sound and looks so adorable together. Missing them so much...

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