posy personalized stuff for kids

5:58 PM

I felt so blessed having my 2 daughters and seeing them growing so responsibly even without me on their side for the last few years. Despite that I still feel their love and hear them say it a countless times everyday. (Sigh!) How I would just like to melt every time they do. Soon they would be leaving home to welcome yet another brand new school year and I am thinking of giving them something useful and that would remind them of me everyday.

I just came across with an online store recently that offers an array of such great gift ideas for kids. I am caught between their personalized towel wrap and a personalized plate and placemats for children with their favorite Disney princess character on it. I’m sure that would inspire them to love their food and eat more. Or perhaps a toddler nap mats. Why not? They’re no longer toddlers I know but would you believe, even if worn out they are still using their baby mats until now.

As a mother I believe rewarding our children even for their smallest achievement is an effective way of encouraging them to learn more and achieve more. There’s a big difference between rewarding and tolerating which I know of most parents especially moms do to their children. For me giving presents doesn’t always have to come with an occasion. Just like it doesn’t have to be any of my daughter’s Birthday to treat her for an ice cream or a cake.

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