Naureen @7

7:28 AM

~ soft-spoken
~ sweet
~ generous
~ considerate
~ forgiving
~ grandma's girl
~ self conscious
~ fashionista
~ resourceful
~ artist
~ actress
~ impersonator
~ funny

That's what Naureen, my second and youngest daughter are made up.

This little princess is turning 7 today and sad that for some reasons I can't be with her on her special day. But even so, the celebration has to carry on and mom/gram is going to be on her party tonight on my behalf since the girl still has to attend to her morning and afternoon classes along with her older sister, Kate.

I sure would miss watching her enjoying her day but so be it. It's not at all that bad. I still will have a chance to talk to her over the phone. Besides, clock turns so fast. I know there will be a time for us to be in one place together... some where, somehow and I am very optimistic about it.

Happy Birthday, anak. Mama will always hold on for you. I love you and your sister so much!

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