Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 in a row

Hi all! Sporting here another product of my discontentment...LOL! It was only a week ago when I redesign the layout of this blog yet another navigating and loading issue came up thereafter that prompted me to reconsider it for the 2nd time just for this month alone. I would like to thank blogger templates for dropping off new designs from time to time. I did bookmark the page and check it often to see if there's something new I may like. They really made updating a lot easier for me. Hopefully I can settle to this layout much longer this time.


Cyndy said...

hellow =) cool layout!! love the colors and the patterns.. i think you should probably stick with this layout.. =)

nancy said...

thanks Cindy. i think so too :-D

Lynn said...

new look again. nice sis. (",)