take it or leave it...

8:25 AM

Contrary to what a fortune teller told me before, I guess 2009 is an unfortunate year for me. I don't feel it but I see unlikely things that had happened right at the onset of the year and are still even continue to happen now. Seems like my last year's misery is having a sequel this year and this looks like it, LOL!

Whatta LIFE! When do I deserve to have a break? :-<

But can't blame no one. I have nothing against fortune telling at all either (except tho if I find the teller unconvincing) in fact the last time I've had my fortune told, I was a little ecstatic deep inside because I can feel almost everything he told me were pretty much true and I feel his predictions weren't far beyond realization. He predicted my life would be in bliss this year but seems like things were happening the other way around... lol! but anyway, it's just the beginning of the year. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.
I still love to hold onto my hopes no matter how discouraging life would become for me.

I hope so...
think that's what life is all about, after all.

Take it or leave it!

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