sit and stare

6:59 AM

I wonder what happen to my blogging mood lately. One minute, bunch of ideas came rushing through my mind. The next minute...bam! they're all gone. Just like while I took a bath after doing the laundry yesterday. In my mind, I was like... oh yes, I should be talking about this and that... but as soon as I entered my room, I just caught myself on a "sit and stare" situation... virtually doing nothing but scrolling the pages up and down...see who's writing on my cbox... checked how many comments I got.

... and the worst thing is... it was all I could do all day. So imagine how many times I did run my pages up and down, read the same messages from my cbox and re-reading comments.

Quality Content?

Pardon me people, but I am so guilty of it lately :-(

Tsk...tsk...tsk... what a terrible blogger!

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