blogging misfortune!

8:46 PM

You can't afford to miss reading this post 'coz along the way, you may find yourself involved with this... has sent me an email this morning asking for a post removal of any reviews written for 3gb community. So I was like...huh!!??

Here's the email:

Dear Blogger, Thank you for joing our Get Paid to Blog network, website is growing steadily and over 4,200 blogs have been registered with since its launch. New Advertisers are also joining the website and new opportunities are added almost everyday, this is good for our bloggers to make money from the network. However sometimes people try to abuse the system to destablize the overall nicely going website. An advertiser joined our network a few weeks back and created an opportunity by the name \"3gb Community\" he ordered many reviews and deposited money which seemed fine. But then we received a mail from Paypal saying this buyer has made fraudulent transactions and money is on hold, we contacted the advertiser but received no answer, but we gave him enough time to reply back but he did\'t that means surely he is a fraud. We banned him on the website and removed his opportunity and refunded the money to orignal paypal account holder. Now we need you to remove his review as we will do not wish to promote his website through our network and obviously we won\'t be able to pay you for this order. We\'ll cancel the order within the next 24 hrs. If you have written reviews for any other advertisers, you\'ll surely get paid. Our next payment day is 15th of this month. Please contact our support team if you have any questions. Regards, Sandy, Accounts

(Sigh!!)That was so unfortunate but I think that's part of the risk we bloggers should have to take...whatever! lol!

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