Saturday, July 2, 2011

When the Wrath of Nature Strikes

We will never really know when tragedy strikes. I was talking to a friend this morning via Facebook chat and was startled to have found out that they're one of those thousands of people who have tried to survive when flash flood hit the neighboring city last week. That incident was all over the local and national news all through-out the week.

I've seen some photos she uploaded on the site that are really so disheartening to look at - pictures of different puzzled faces of people who doesn't seemed to know where to go, pictures of poor innocent children who doesn't seem to understand what was going on to their place and that of their deluged house and almost all of their belongings.

But on the lighter side, it is nice to know that the government of the said city was too quick to respond and assisted them with their urgent needs while other agencies and even some private lending institution offered financial remedies in a form of fast or instant cash loan to the victims. Thumbs up to all these kind-hearted people! They are what we truly need in times of crisis like this.


Mar said...

I hope your friend is doing well. It is very hard when storms turn up in whichever country. Wishing you all the best! Btw, am hosting a giveaway with a neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Please join if you can! -Mar

leah said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog, sis! Mother Nature is mad! Its very sad that the younger generation are experiencing all this. I just had to vent my despair and turn it into positive energy.