Fibromyalgia Pillow

6:00 PM

Ever heard of Fibromyalgia? It is a disorder characterized by pain due to fatigue, anxiety, depression and restless sleep. Its cause is unknown and is said to more likely affect women.

Last week my sister and her family came over to celebrate an occasion with us. It was kind of a huge event that necessitates them to stay for the night. But since she is pregnant, she needed a place that separates her from the crowd and the buzzes they’re making that time so I offered her my room. I tried to help her get utmost rest she needed but to my surprise none of what I did helped. She felt restless all night and couldn’t sleep.

Prior to that I already have read about Fibromyalgia… Of course I didn’t think it was her condition. Somehow I know how it is like being pregnant but how I wish I have that fibromyalgia pillow thing. I’ve heard it is chiropractors and medical doctors’ recommended and it does not only help people having fibromyalgia disorder but also help soothe those who have other sleeping issues like heavy snoring, insomnia, and even those who are suffering from migraine like me as well as allergies and asthma. See how useful it is? But then such pillow is never available in any stores so I guess really have to save for one... or maybe two!

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