Thursday, May 19, 2011

one fun, great summer 2011

Summer oh summer... soon you are about to end... LOL! Hello ladies! Counting myself in here again!

We (my family) don't usually make specific plans on how we should celebrate summer. Though treating ourselves, especially the little ones with ice cream, fruits shakes or anything cold has already been a practice.

There they are having their ice cream while playing one of their favorite activities this year - scrabbling - but of course that's next to playing PC games. :D

Also this year, the grandma is too diligent to administer advance study for each of them. I'm glad! They get to enjoy while learning at the same time... and that my sisters and I don't have to pay summer fees for everything they've learned. How's that for a savings? LOL!

By the way, I had to use the laptop's camera because my poor digicam's charger stopped working for me. It has been a while and it's making me sad I had to miss events at some point. :(

But all in all it's one fun, great summer 2011 for us.


Jona said...

ooohhhh ice cream and shakes same favorite to beat the summer heat :D
here's my my GT.

simply kim said...

wow! ice cream is indeed a favorite during this season..

MY ENTRY is up!

Beauty Queen Gene said...

when kids get together, it's bound to be really fun (and not to mention noisy). hee hee. wow scrabble? that's great! at least as early as now they are interested in such a word game ^^

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