this old wooden house

3:23 PM

This picture caught my attention as I was sorting out files and pictures earlier to give my hard drive more space.

Mama and I were attending the rooster mass on its first day last year (2009) and while walking on our way back, I was chanced to take this picture of our old rented house.

Yes, in this roughly more than 30-year old wooden house is where we (me and my siblings) all grew up. A lot of worth-remembering memories were made in this house from childhood to adulthood. Simple living as you can imagine. If I may say even pet dogs on their dog pedic beds are luckier than us. We're not used to sleep on soft beds at night but on a matted hard wooden floor. We got no house help. Each one of us has assigned tasks to do on a daily basis.

Looking back from where I am right now, I realized how hard our life was back then but then we were still thankful we have a safe place to return to at the end of each day. As far as I can imagine, none of what we went through give any of us a reason to complain, instead that challenging stage of our lives helped us to become good persons of value that we all are now.

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