Thursday, May 20, 2010

friend at work

I don't think I have stored pictures of me and my friends at work before. I did own a cellphone camera back then but not a computer. I acquired my first desktop computer after I resigned from my last job and when I got a computer, that was also the time that I lost my cellphone where all the pictures I took were stored. Waaahh!!! What a misfortune!

Oh well anyway, it's been a long, long time. Now I got them both back, haha! Although the pictures below were a capture of Anne's camera... just no longer in our workplace though but in her house when I went to visit some time last year.

That's my former kikay office mate, Anne on the left. She never ran out of funny jokes to tell - making me wear big grins each time we're together.


Lynn said...

nakaka miss ang GT theme no? na miss ko friends ko bigla. musta na sis? (",)

admin said...

haloww sis! ok ra..coping sa mga entries to post :D

yep, i like this week's GT theme. maayo na lang na pa koy nadaginot na picture, hehe!

K said...

that's unfortunate about your cellphone pictures :(

but hey, at least you and a former officemate got the chance to meet again :)

dropping by as Niko's proxy. hihi. thanks for participating this week! mwah!

by the way, i have a blog makeover raffle going on. i hope you can join (if you haven't already) :)

admin said...

thanks K! i'll check that out :-D

niko said...

ay super kikay naman ng mga friends mo.. :)

nice meeting them.. sana ksama ka sa pics ganda! hihih

Bdw, sorry for the late hop ha my entry is here. See u this Thursday with ur most recent picture with your offline friends!

And thank you for joining GT!