pay it forward

2:07 PM

I am sure is a big movie freak but where was I when this movie were released in year 2000?

I was looking for a video of the song called "What's Forever for" from YouTube before when I came across for the first time Billy Gilman's version of the song featuring some highlights of the movie Pay It Forward on the background of the video.

The story was kind of catchy so I've been looking from then on where to possibly get a copy of the movie. I even tried watching it on some free online movie watch sites but the extremely low quality just frustrates me.

Yesterday, JK and I tried to search for it again but would you believe how much it costs? $19.99! The shipping fee was not even accounted yet. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep on looking from here. I don't think I am willing to pay that much for just a single copy of a movie.

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