trendy insulated lunch tote, toddler back pack & nap mat for trendy kids like them!

6:07 PM

My daughters are having their early Halloween break from school and I am happy they chose to spend it here with me. I know how their presence is going to affect my chores online so I have to make a compromise with them.

I allotted a specific time of the day where they and their cousins can utilize my computer to play their favorite games or watch videos. But this afternoon I was surprised how my daughter Kate suddenly became interested on what I do online. Instead of playing we ended up exploring my blogs... the four of them. She got so fascinated with pictures that went along with my posts. Then she stumbled into this nifty insulated lunch tote. Funny how it caught her by surprise because she really whispered right through my ear how she so wanted to have one like it.

Then here came my second daughter Naureen pointing her finger to a toddler backpack with the same color. This time it didn't surprise me why she wanted it knowing the stylish kind of girl that she is.

I'm sure if my nieces were there they would also be busy picking their own choices for themselves. Just like this purple nap mat which I think would suit Ina... my niece and the youngest among them all.

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