see you when we get there

3:43 AM

Hello! How's everyone doing here? Over the week I made a lot of contemplations not only for myself but also for this precious thing I so love of doing everyday... blogging. But not updating here often doesn't mean this page is less important over my other blogs. In fact, I have looked for ways on how to increase its relevance on the web.

This page has been up and running for two years but have never gain any rank. Who wouldn't want it? No matter how I refuse to believe that it isn't the most important but for a not so savvy blogger like me having it still somehow make a difference.

So what are the ways I am talking about? The other day, one of my virtual friends here and I had a chat and it's pretty much all about blogging and its benefits. I know she's adept with web site hosting so I told her about my plan of having this blog migrated to other platform and have it hosted. Thankfully she offered to help. I know this is going to be a hit or miss decision as I really am not sure how it may turn out after but I am eager to do it as much as I want my goal for this blog met.

After two years of trying, I think it is now time to change course. So with fingers crossed, I am now bracing myself for this next big step. It may not be too soon but we'll see you when we get there.

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