lousy reason

12:04 AM

Many times I've wished I grew up strong instead of being too emotional to handle troubles that life is tossing out unto me. Unfortunately I'm not! I hate the fact that I easily get destructed even by the simplest challenge. I easily get irritated over petty things that eventually leave me unproductive all through out my crankiness. Isn't that terrible? (See related posts here.)

It is undeniably the reason of the 8-day post gap that you may have noticed here. Within those days, I've been attempting to write but nothing just seems to come up from my head. It's maybe because of the lousy reason that I allow madness to take its toll on me. I used to be this way. I get to act as I feel and give no room for any explanation at some point as long as people I come in contact with get to recognize what I am acting up about.

Insensitivity on the other hand is one thing that turns me out. People may think I have the highest standard when it comes to such manner but please do me a favor... count me out if in either aspect you are.

(Excuse me for being so harsh but of course I am only referring to those whom I've known and talked to personally.)

On a lighter side, things are doing okay now and so am I. Now I'm free to go back and do the things I love to do again and that includes blogging, a little bit surfing on online casino news and other interesting materials online and of course blog visiting. It's been a while since I last did.

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