Friday, September 25, 2009

been down and up

Internet were down (again) for over 12 hours here in my part of the world. As early as five this morning I woke up, turned my PC on, attempted to browse a page only to get the same old error message from last night: NETWORK TIMEOUT and guess what... for the first time, I didn't bother to call and ask. I usually do but I opt not to. I didn't want to ruin my day so I just played music instead and did some of my hand sewing project. After completing my 4-piece bedsheet set last week, it's window curtains this time. I so wanted to take some pictures of my finished products but too bad... my camera just refused to work. SIGH!


Liz said...

Hi sis! Thanks for the visits and I'm sorry for coming here only now. I'm using Destiny Cable internet. So far ok naman, except for the last few days. I had intermittent connection, probably because of the rain. Ang hira humanap dito sa atin ng matinong internet service.

Lynn said...

diri pud sis. sige kawala wala connection. maybe it's bcoz of the weather.

vicy said...

Hello nancy..Thanks for passing by..Musta??Too bad your cam is not working coz I love to see your sheets..Take care and God Bless!!