when it rain it pours

11:31 AM

It's been raining so hard around here in my place. My boss sent us off from work early last night since there's no possible way visitors will be coming in due to the heavy rain. My house is just a few minute walk away from where I work but last night, I have to ask my sister to send a trike for me or else I will never get to make my way home.

Just a week ago, me and my buddies at work have been talking about how terribly hot the weather was. Everyone around can tell it like it's not a holiday season but a summer time. But yesterday and this morning's shower is like as mad as it pours down the ground, that it even made me think of skipping from work if it won't discontinue until this afternoon. Weather conditions like this really makes me lazy however, I knew for a fact that I just got my job and I don't think it's proper to take a break just yet... unless my reasons are valid enough.

It'll be sad though... I really hate...

no I mean, I really don't like going out when it rains... but...
oh well!

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