a gloomy day out on the beach

2:14 AM

After a long while, I was chanced again to hang out with friends and new acquaintances last Thursday. A visitor from the dive shop (where my house mate works) invited us out. Nature walk and to visit ___falls (I forgot the name), but one of the tourist attractions here in Badian, Cebu was the original plan but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us so we ended up on a beach instead where we think was more safer for us to pursue the plan during that day. The place is called "Lambug." I don't know what the word means but it was a nice place. Not too crowded... just a perfect place to relax and unwind. The seawater was worth the plunge even if it was a gloomy day.

Wasn't able to take much pictures of us and the place, though cause my batteries got burnt and didn't even noticed it. (tsk..tsk..tsk!)... think I have them overcharged, lol! But I was still able to snap some before it went dead and here's a few... just for you to look at how we enjoyed the place, the so explicitly inviting water... and of course our food....

a view of the greenish water...
(am I close to being a professional photographer with this shot?! or is it too much for me to claim... lol!)

the gloomy skies :-(

can't help but to take notice of this coconut tree... looks so unwanted and lonely!

ah-ahh... no starving please. we're not cooked yet... almost though!

here we go... lunch is ready!!
(grilled chicken, porkchops and fish with matching hanging rice are among the best foods to eat by the beach...)

oopps... one more pose before swooping into the lovely water
(from the left there's Jane, Bebe, my housemate, me and Jing)

and there's the three of us... di ako masyadong showy, eh ... no guts!

and here are our hosts... Allen (left) from Switzerland but a proud Bisdak... a legal resident here in Cebu for 30 years now... and there's Joseph (right) from Germany. A diver and the dive shop's returning guest. It's his third time now to visit Cebu particularly here in Panagsama Beach.

and there's us again... don't get tired of watching our faces yet. This is gonna be the last and we're off to leave the place now...lol!


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