back to the olden times

6:45 PM

Let's get back to the olden times. When I was in my elementary years, I used to receive a box of mixed candies, chocolates and even chips during our school Christmas parties. Those were the most common gift-giving ideas before... for an innocent child, a pack of candies is what joy is all about!

You think it'll still work nowadays? Or what about popcorn. Have you ever tried giving out popcorn for a gift? I bet it's "no way", huh... but wait... I have known a store that would probably make you change your mind. Hmm...why don't you check it out. It's only at Mom and Pop where you can find over 45 different popcorn flavors that is freshly made daily. The store is conveniently located right off the square in historic downtown McKinney, Texas.

They also offer their shoppers a convenient, quick and easy way to shop their store online. Whether you need a gift or two, Mom and Pop will be glad to help you create a unique gift boxes or gift tins just for your occasion!

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