peaceful mind makeover

12:11 AM

Hi... I would like to welcome you all to my newly dressed blog here. I may say in it's full contrast cause as you see from its previous so demure, soft looking theme to something shady and dusky layout. I know many of you including myself admires the way it was and it really saddens me to have decided to do this but some navigation issues of my old theme prompted me to do so.

This is how it looks before:

It took me weeks to look and decide what to use and ended up with Pannasmontata designed templates. Cristina Calabrese is a young promising blogger templates designer from Italy. I like using her creations because I find it pretty easy to modify. Hmm... not to mention the twists I made for it... Oh well, the tweaking of the header is JK's entire idea by the way.

This is actually how this theme originally looks like.

So we did not a partial but a major customization of the whole theme according to our preferences. I just hope we won't get sued for what we did, lol!

By the way, my other page, Just the way it is... is also dressed with one of Cristina's creations and it's been up for almost a year now as well. Anyone of you who is currently thinking of giving your blogs a fresh new look, you may browse pannasmontata website by simply clicking those first two links above.

Happy blogging and have a great brand new week to everyone!

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