Sunday, September 21, 2008


People recognize PATIENCE as one of the cardinal Christian virtues. But to be quite up-front and honest, being patient is not my cup of tea.

P-AT-I-E-N-C-E ... the very word itself can either cause me to yawn, roll my eyes or turn my attention to something else. I am a doer type of person. I see something I am interested with, I probably will take a plunge... (Ooopps... I mean something).

I hate to wait! End of the story. Not too nice for an attitude, huh? Or should I say, terribly bad!
But as a song goes: "nothing worth having comes easy".

So I guess I need to exert some patience, then??? Awww!!


WeblogLearner said...

Hmmm... i sense something.. there mightbe something that made you impatiently waiting?

Ano kaya yun? Am tsismosa noh? ^^

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

as people get soo used to instant this and instant that like fast food, fast info and such people forget that patience is a virtue. have you seen the show in mtv called boiling point? you actually get paid when your patient thats how rare patient people are these days!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. ambot oi nikalit raman ko gbii mao na ako nabuhat.

joeana said...

waaaahh na anonymous man ko. u know 1st time pa.haha

Stev&Emz said...

hahaha.. pareho tau sis.. impatient din pero it depends on the situation kung importante talaga. i hate to be kept waiting thats why i come late. hehehe..=P
well, we surely need to learn the word. alam mo dito sa US, kailangan talaga ng patience kung dili mu suruk suruk dyud ang imong dugo sa kalagot. hehehe.. tama ba ang akong term.. suruk suruk. lol.