the look!

7:37 PM

When a guy leans back in his chair, arches his back, puffs his chest and put his arms behind his head - is he flirting or just sending a power signal? Or if a woman looks you in the eye and twirls her hair around her fingers or strokes her hair lightly with her hand - is she bored or flirting with you?

What exactly is flirting? It is humans' natural way of expressing interest in people. It comes in different styles such as verbal like the famous pick up lines from famous actors and actresses we often heard and seen on movies and the physical cues like the winning smile, the direct eye contact that shows confidence, paying close attention on what to wear (this is me, lol!) and other tricky styles to let someone know whether you are interested or not. Flirting is an attitude. If you don't have it, you definitely can't flaunt it. So before you even think about it, why don't you first join, The Ultimate Flirting Championship? It's a fun game sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5 and it's absolutely for free. I have tried it and like me, you can win the Victory Hair title too as soon as you out flirt your opponent. Ain't that exciting? How to join? Click on the widget below and check out this different and fun flirting experience for yourself!

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