Monday, July 14, 2008

the reason why...

So here she is now!
The reason why I have to go back while I'm on my way to the city Friday morning of last week.
We anxiously waited for 7 frightful hours for this baby to come out because she was pretty healthy, around 8 pounds big for a normal delivery. I am so glad and thankful my sister successfully and safely did! The couple is having a little hard time thinking on what to name her so for the mean time we call her Angel since we all believe she really is. this new sweet addition to the family!


Dezz said...

Ohhh now I know, kaya pala never heard from you..
Congrats sis. so cute talaga c baby mo..

Nancy said...

thanks, Dez..but she's my sister's baby, lol!

Thanks for the stop by the way. Glad to hear from you!