life would have been easier

2:45 PM

When I started to make a family of my own. Apart from maintaining finances, keeping the house clean especially when we have had the baby is always a must. And cleaning means more than just sweeping the floor and wiping dusts off your furniture and appliances. The more the kid have grown each day, the more I need to double my effort of making the floor dust and germ-free especially when the baby started to crawl. Getting a vacuum cleaner during that time was far off our budget since it priced as high as the primary home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines or even more. So I need to do the floor cleaning and disinfecting manually and I’m telling you, it was bone cracking tedious. Plus I need to use the electric fan to dry the floor, so imagine how costly it was.

Today, seeing how this innovative technology like AccuCharge’s Dirt Devil can pretty much save your time, money and as high as 70% of your energy consumption, would simply leave me think how convenient it would have become if only things were as affordable like this Energy Star approved cordless vacuum cleaner. Life would have been easier.

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