GT: song for you

10:38 AM

Love, romantic, sweet, mellow songs or tunes - however you wanna call it, I sure know lots of it.

My fascination to classic oldies started way way back when I was still a teen... there's this one popular radio station that my late Papa only listens to and only at certain hours of each Sunday that only plays classic love songs from the 70's and 80's. Being in the same roof I couldn't help but to listen too till I get accustomed to them. They're all easy to the ears so unlike others I don't have to write down the lyrics of each and memorize. I simply sing along as the music go till I can fully grasp the whole of it.

My love to music has leveled up over the years. I've come to learn how to play a guitar and this song entitled "SONG FOR YOU" by CHICAGO was the subject of my very first guitar playing attempt.

Nothing was really so special about this song. But when I first heard my brother playing it on a guitar, there's this something I can't explain that suddenly draws me in to it. Was it a spell? No one really knows. I asked how its chords like then he handed me the guitar and allowed me to explore it myself.

No, the song doesn't really make me cry. But it sure reminds me every time how much I am being loved and cared for by the man who is all up to conquering the world for me, LOL. Up until now I still have this song in my play list along with bunch of others including the songs I've learned during my dad's time.

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