Thursday, March 3, 2011

GT: i'd rather hear some lullabies

Hahahaha!I had our host's page open to check what's for this week's GT theme and I was getting my page ready for a post when this song "crazy frog" pops out on the air in full volume and I was like... Aww! What is that? Where did that come from?

JK was on too. We usually talk on Skype pretty much everyday and I know he loves playing music too so I thought it was him. Usually I just turn the volume down whenever he plays a song and I don't feel like listening to it so I did yet the loud music continues. Only then I realized that it came from the GT post, waahhahahaha! Pardon me to agree with you, sis but yea I find that song really annoying too.

Another music genre that I (not hate) but would rather not listen to is the heavy/rap metal. My brother is into some of them and thanks God I don't share a living room with him, LOL! Some of the songs have good beats though but what's so irritating is when I can't even grasp some good lyrics other than swears and mean words just like this one from SLAPSHOCK. Can't even utter its title but it's again another famous swear, LOL!

Lyrics is here if you know how to sing along with it. Don't need my ears torn so anyone please... I'd rather hear some lullabies, LOL!


mjrodriguez said...

I agree with you on this one! My entry is also about heavy metal songs.

Happy GT!

Vernz said...

they say.. there's something about the mind of a rock singer that transforms everytime they sing... hence.. the murderous dropping by for gt..
GT here

The Love Bug said...

I do not like heavy metal songs. My first entry of GT!

darly said...

ako din, i think heavy metals are just mere noise posing as a music lang.

Have a great weekend girl, have a look at my entry too.
I Love Darly
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kim said...

oh, i don't like this... why is there such music?

K said...

i cuss like a pirate on an everyday basis but don't like it on my songs. LOL. like you, i can stand a bit of loud music but ONLY when i'm in the mood. otherwise, i say no thank you i'd rather listen to john mayer :D

sHeNgKaY said... know i dont understand before..even till now why they love slapshock..during my college days..I use to go in my barkada's boarding house..she always play slapshock! grrrr!!! no choice eh nakibahay lang ako eh..hehe..

Mine is done sa wakas! So late Care to peek?
My GT Music that I Hate

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