Thursday, February 10, 2011

GT: the undaunted trip

GT... GT... GT... GT... why am I always missing you?

I swear I have read GT's theme for the month back from our host's page and promised not to miss any of it but now I realized I just missed the last week again, arghhhh.... now that made me contemplate 'where was I on the 3rd?' I really don't know the answer but anyway, there's no sense of crying over spilled milk so let me just head on...

So from the stupidest to the most courageous act we've done for love - or rather for fun (but still with the one you love) if am allowed to make a bit of revisions here, LOL!

The place on the picture is called Bamboo Garden Resort and it's a 30 minutes or so drive away from our home. We dared to go up there during JK's first visit here in my hometown last year. The resort itself is a beautiful place to spend time with and JK especially indeed had so much fun capturing the nature and enjoying the company of the family at the same time.

But the biggest downside of the story was... the place is the home of rebels - obviously not a safe place for foreigners like JK to go to, huh. But my cousin offered his car so that somehow cut my worries down. The whole time we were there I was stealthily praying for nothing wrong to happen till we can safely leave the place and I really thank God for granting my requests for that day. If not, I would have been the most regretful person alive on earth today.


mjrodriguez said...

Cool pics! Looks like it was really a nice place and a fun time for both of you!

Happy GT!

kim said...

hmmm.. your photos don't reflect any worries, lol!

darly said...

which province is this? the water looks so refreshing.
He must really love you to go through all that. Happy for you girl.

Have a great weekend, here's my entry hope you'd check it out

K said...

looks like you both had a great time together. good to know! hey, join GT when you can. no pressures :)

Anonymous said...

Well you only live once and if you want something then you need to take the risk involved. Life is as people make it good or bad. If you live with out taking any chances you may be more safe then if you go out on a limb. But you will also miss out on life as it is intended to be lived. If you want something you cannot be afraid to ask or try for it. If you dont try the n you will never get anything in life you want or wish for. My opinion you love JK enough to show him the beauty of your country while feeling safe while surrounded by family, JK was willing to go because he loves you and because he trusted you and your family to keep his safety in mind. Sounds to me like JK has a lot of trust and faith in you. Does he plan to return to yu again?