today's featured events

6:47 PM

Today we celebrate the 62nd Foundation Day of our Municipality. The local government committees prepared various activities for the people including the Bureau of Fire's Protection's significant demonstration and a quick yet comprehensive lecture on how to correctly respond to emergency situations like fire.

Often "grab and go" is the safest response to many and so they especially stressed out that having at least a pack of disaster survival kit at home is indeed a must. These survival kits should contain enough necessary supplies (such as food, water, shelter, first aid kits, hygiene supplies, emergency lights and fire-starting tools) as that will help you and your family get through the first hours and days after the disaster strikes.

While the other units of the community such as the local Red Cross, Health Department, tourism and few more others also shared their impressive presentations too that made this year's celebration absolutely meaningful.

This afternoon it's going to be the sports committee's turn to showcase their much anticipated motocross racing event. That, me and my cousins will surely don't want to miss too!

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