Thursday, August 26, 2010

GT: wrong turn

Point blank, I couldn't imagine myself watching a movie with an enemy alone. To me it simply makes no sense unless it's a dare I can't say NO to, hahaha!

But say a movie marathon on a weekend at home with family (and perhaps even with uninvited neighbors including my enemy watching along through the windows), why not? I will suggest Rob Schmidt's Wrong Turn. And yes, maybe I can invite them in. Would it not sound so cruel of me if I don't?

I sure can stand with eerie and dreadful movies so if they can't they are free to leave. Ha-ha-ha, now that's real simple with no words said.

But don't take me wrong, I am just a brat and can sometimes be all crabby. I may have an attitude but I don't think I have someone I can consider an enemy for life. PEACE!


K said...

it's really an advantage for people who can stand slasher/gore films! i personally can't, so i chose to go the "soft" way instead. LOL

LIMBERELLA said... the previous comment i did, i ended up watching this movie with my hands on my eyes almost all the time. can't endure the bloody tortures..=)

JK said...

I have seen wrong turn, one, two, and three, they were all good movies and peoplee should realize they are just movies, besides I live near the setting of the movie it is a few hours drive. Anyone want to come visit and go see if it is real???