GT: the devil wears prada

8:32 AM

Wow, whatta theme for a start! Has it been a decade? Hahaha!

Okay, seriously though, it has been years since I last had a treat at movie theater/cinemas. More so now that I live away from the city, the only chance I get to watch a movie is when I feel really, really, really off from blogging and anything that has to do with the online world. If I remember it right the last one I have watched on a DVD was the eerie and somewhat yucky movie, SLITHER. But that's not of course recommendable for girlfriends.

It may sound a bit old but I can only think of this movie so far since I really have no idea what's on the latest these days. HAHA! Funny, how I've seems to live backward since I moved in to my new place.

Oh well, that recouping thing is a work on progress!

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