missing GT

6:14 AM

I miss GT for the whole month of June and now its first theme for July. Nice! Well I have my reasons. First off, June has been a busy month for me with all the family affairs that I had to attend to.

Secondly, I went a little bit delirious over that terrifying killing incident that took place close to our house last week. Instead of sleeping alone in my room like I used to, I had to invade one of mom's room just to have company at night. With that, the time I spend online has been obviously cut too. I used to sleep as late as 3 am or even 5 but after that incident I prefer to secure myself from all the weird thoughts and just watch TV at moms till I get tired and doze.

I'm trying not to think so much about it especially at night. But last night I slept at moms again for the third time but I'll shall be doing it alternately until I feel easy enough to sleep comfortably back alone in my own room. It may just take time.

Anyway, congratulations to GT's new host, Beauty Queen Gene I shall be seeing you guys next week!

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