GT: cry baby

2:26 PM

So this is the last theme for the month! LOL! Do I feel relieved? Hmm... a little bit because even if I love me for whatever I am, there's really nothing much worth bragging about myself and that's what made it quite stressing, hehe! At this time I'm looking forward for the next month's themes... I wonder what they are going to be.

But of course before that, let me unpack here first my entry for this week's theme. Well, my family thinks I'm a fighter basically because they see me as woman of determination. "What Nancy wants, Nancy gets". I remember Mama said this line in front of our Assumption Group when she was asked to give me a birthday message some years ago.

In a way, that's true but behind that character also rest the demonstrative side of me when it comes to my feelings. In fact, I do cry way much more than my family is even aware of. I cry anytime I feel there's a need to. I cry in front of my computer while talking to my boyfriend and he didn't mind it. But then that made him brand me a "cry baby" but I didn't mind either. I cry in my bed. I cry inside my shower. I cry them all emotional disasters away and I feel better and strong again after.

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