and there was her

10:34 PM

My sister and I walked our way to the market yesterday. We seldom do it. We usually take a short ride in going to and back but yesterday we both decided to just walk in which I think was a good idea for us to also warm-up a bit.

Just as we were about to get in to the grocery store, I've heard a female voice calling my name from a black pickup truck that is parked few meters away from the grocery's entrance. I instantly recognized her face. She was not just a classmate but also a good friend from college. With her in the car was her pretty 4 year old daughter and her oh so adorable frontline dogs like Shih Tzu behaving so well in her seat.

I learned that she own a pet shop in Davao. Would you believe she offered me an exceptional price whenever I decide to raise a pet like what she has? Sounds interesting, huh! But I don't I am ready for that kind of adventure yet. I'm afraid I may not be able to meet the demands of raising a pet and just end up wasting a life. I don't want it to happen. But I'm not closing doors to possibilities like that. I have my friend's contact details in case I'm ready to engage in it.

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