metal outdoor storage shopping guide

7:59 PM

If you are looking for information on metal outdoor storage and if you are ready to shop and looking for the right store online, here is a good place to start.

No more need to drive to your local supplier or manufacturer. For 30 years Asgard is committed to provide customers with top-notch quality metal shed and multi-functional outdoor storage both for commercial and domestic use.

The image shown is Asgard's the Centurion Plus 2 - an extra large all metal garden shed providing multi use outdoor storage for large gardening items and other equipments. Fitted with five point locking system, the unit has been awarded a Level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board in UK. (Click image to read the rest of its features).

Moreover, using the latest 3d modeling software, the company is constantly developing their product ranges to meet their customer's needs. Units that are available in store consist of the following: motorcycle garage; gas bottle, equestrian, bike, caravan, school and mobility storage; home delivery box; home/office safe lockers and featuring their bike lockers proudly used by the North Yorkshire Police Force.

Some units are still in promotional prices where you can save as much as 60 euros so shop now!

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