fun break at the beach

10:20 AM

These are some of the pictures we had during the last excursion in which details I have posted here three days ago. Like I said the sad part was us not having a good camera with us to take quality pictures. We are only counting on my sister's phone camera but even that didn't cooperate well, (sigh!)

Anyway, this was our third stop where we had our lunch... at Mergande Village Resort situated at Talomo District- the southern part of Bago Aplaya in Davao. The water was so inviting but the height of the sun's heat was even more biting... ahhh!!! So it was only my niece MJ who took a plunge. She must have missed the beach a lot to not even bother the super hot weather.

Well, there she is/us. We were getting ready to head out the place while sister tried her camera one more time.

Sisters Inah and Jam while making faces. They're my older sister Joyce's daughters. The rest below are few of the resort's attractions. We took these pictures while walking our way out to the beach premises.

Can't wait to post the pictures of us carrying a real phyton and a baby crocodile at the crocodile park. I still need to have the photos scanned... hopefully soon.

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