holding on

8:53 PM

This camera set was the very first thing I ever received from JK. He thought it may help in my blogging hobby. He sent me this for a gift some time in April last year and now I am having this feeling I maybe losing it at any time.

For unknown reasons it just suddenly stopped working before I could even start taking pictures during our family day out last Sunday. Yesterday, he contacted Polaroid to ask what could have been wrong and he was told it may just have something to do with the batteries. I've been using alkaline and now I needed to switch to lithium as instructed by the company. This is the only hope I got now and I'm holding on to it.

I so love this camera. It takes good quality pictures and the thought of losing it just makes me real sad. Using my webcamera in capturing images over the last few days was just very inconvenient. I really hope it could just be the batteries. (SIGH!)

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