bunch o' grapes

2:13 PM

Hi! It's like ages when I posted my last entry here. I apologize.

So now, here's to keep this page going. This bunch of grapes reminds me of the so fast approaching time of the year. Exactly 10 more days left and we about to welcome the onset of the season. You must know what I'm talking about or I would say you're not human, LOL! (KiddinG!)

By the way, I got this picture perfect bunch of seedless grapes from the mall yesterday while I got the time to unwind. As usual the price was on its peak the fact that its a seasonal fruit. About half a kilo (500 grams) is more than enough to satisfy my cravings. Munching some while inside the van on my way home and we (mom, brother) shared the rest after we had our dinner last night. T'was soooo sweet. We'll definitely not miss having this fruit again on or even before Christmas.

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