Thursday, August 6, 2009

adorable alex turned one yesterday

Savoring his first birthday cake, doesn't he look so cute?

JK and I were chatting yesterday and from one side of the web camera I notice this little man got so busy helping himself. I never thought it was a cake he's enjoying until I asked the man to turn the camera over to where he was. Finding him so adorable, I then asked JK to take pictures and just shortly...

here he was... LOL!

Happy birthday, Alex!
You'll definitely have more slice of cake to munch on your party this weekend... Grandpa told me so... (wink!)


Liz said...

Haha, so cute! He seems to be enjoying his cake a lot. Happy birthday to him. :)

nancy said...

He probably was. LOL!

Boy Bawang said...

Cute... Happy Birthday.. =)

Gi-Ann said...

woow..sis so cute.

he's adorable and really angel..
how are you related to him anyway?
son probably..

ahhm just guessing huh.

miss you here sis.

nancy said...

G-Ann: He's JK's grandson and soon-to-be mine too if things will work out fine for us.