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3:13 PM

Hello here... my apology for taking too long to update this page. Trying to multitask both on and off line... working here and here ... trying to be a mom but still I can only do as much. I don't have much to tell for now apart from saying thank you to those who keep this page alive through their visits and to the gradually growing number of my followers. Never knew you were there until early this afternoon when I checked each of your links. Though I only knew most of you virtually but I'm still grateful for your effort and for your company.

Thank you so much...

1. Cecile of Small and simple Things and Kitchen the Heart of Our Home
2. JessQ of Buhilaman sa Bukid Malindang
3. Nisha of Nisha and Baby Alisha and Pregnancy and Parenting
4. Jim of Jim's Experience and Gaming Results
5. Kow & olc
6. Chubkulit of Etcetera Etcetera and Rose's Obstacles and Glories
7. Haley of Confessions of a Georgia Belle
8. Ilham of Indonesia
9. Brotherhood
10. Julius of A writer's Den and Healthline
11. Amy of Business Matters, Beyond Photography and Amiable Amy
12. Samantha of Samantha's Own
13. Lisa of Lisgold
14. JK of See Me for what you Will
15. Lynn of My so called life
16. Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online
Will take time to add you all guys to my blogroll and will follow your blogs as well.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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