comments and reactions overload

8:36 PM

What another sweet victory our very own Manny "Pacman" Paquiao and the entire Philippines just had this morning. I know a lot of people from all walks of life were and are still talking about the today's event... how it started and how it ended so quick. I've watched some stories from television and read some published entries about the match.

Even the plurking community, di pinalampas si Pacman and sure di kinaya ng powers ko ang mga comments and reactions ng iba. Katulad na lang nga mga ito:

Plurker 1. Pahinga na muna si Ted Failon and his case.

Plurker 2. The LOSER Hatton!

Plurker 3. Ang bilis! Lugi yung mga viewers from PPV!

Plurker 4. May na hold-up kaya ngayong araw?

Plurker 5. Pumiyok nga daw ba si Martin?

Plurker 6. May pambabae na naman si Paquiao (Hala!)

Plurker 7. Napaisip kung kelan matatalo si Paquiao sa laban

... at marami pang iba.
Hay... since the onset of my plurking activities, I have never been this amazed and pleased. Now, i can tell that plurking is really growing in me. I have so fun doing it. Haven't you yet? If not, You may visit my plurk page here to get started :-)

Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone!

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