Thursday, February 5, 2009

to my visitors & readers...

A death of a family member (my brother-in-law) necessitates me to call for a break from blogging starting tomorrow. My sister is in need of great support from us so we will all be there for her. The funeral service will be done the Filipino custom way so more likely I'll be away for about 2 weeks but if chanced I will take a peek here once in a while.

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Prior to this, I was also considering of giving this blog another new look and that's what I will be trying to do for the rest of my time today since we will be leaving tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it done tonight.

That would be all for now and I hope to get back to you all again soon.


Imelda said...

my condolences, sis. i hope ur sister will be fine.

amy said...

condolence girl, hope to see you again